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Magic Submitter literally ranks you on page number 1 of Google and other search engines if you learn to use it properly. This is the software you have been looking for. Everything I knew I needed to do, but never had time to do, this software helps to automate and incredibly speed up the process of gaining really good quality content and backlinks for your site.
If you are serious about using Internet Marketing to get retail sales and leads to your money site then you know how important backlinks are. There is no better tool that I have found in three years of Internet Marketing than Magic Submitter. This product because is truly amazing. Magic Submitter is ridiculously easy to operate once you understand the tool. It takes a little bit of time to learn, but the training is fabulous.
The training provided for Magic Submitter is both needed and amazing. I won’t lie…there is a learning curve to this…but it is everything you need to ACTUALLY build backlinks that are not spammy, and to do it efficiently, and quickly.
Beats the heck out of trying to find some place to post an article…manually.
I went from no sales for months. To about 12 sales in the last 2 weeks. Since I really got busy with it.
This is all I want to do now, because it works, and I have hundreds of pages of great original content on my sites to backlink which will build rank in the search engines.

It costs $67.00 a month and it’s well worth it.
The software is kept up by Alex Krulik and I have had great response from Alex as I asked questions I had after watching training. There is tons of great training! Magic Submitter  really is what you need to build an internet marketing business that ranks in Google and that just keeps giving. It’s already paid for itself many times and now its your turn to start making consistant sales & leads targeted traffic
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